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Disruptive MCA is unlocking access to exclusive high-yield, short term investments traditionally reserved for institutions. Now anyone with a registered business can become a Buyer Member and will be able to earn fixed factor rates of up to 1.18x on their purchases in as little as 48 weeks with a low minimum of $1,000 price per deal to get started.

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Disruptive MCA Buyer Member Account

Earn more by investing in
Disruptive MCA

Earn more by investing in Disruptive MCA

With Disruptive MCA Buyer Member Account, your purchased deals get up to 1.18x factor rate in a short period of time. Our factor rates are fixed and weekly payouts are deposited in your bank account. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait.

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Simple Application Process

Apply as an SMB through our website to become a Buyer Member on Disruptive MCA

Select the Type of MCA Deal

Choose the type of deal you want to buy from our Shop located in our platform.

Receive Weekly Payouts

Weekly automated payouts in your bank account based on your active MCA deals.


See how much you can earn

1. Select your MCA deal type

Payout Frequency:
Factor Rate:

2. Select the number of deals you want to buy

Total Purchase Price


Amount per Weekly Payout


Total Amount to be received



This calculator is indicative, for informational purposes only, and does not guarantee the availability of the type of deals that can be purchased.

Why go with Disruptive MCA?

It's simple. We break the barriers of entry by leveraging our financial knowledge, industry experience, and technology to Small and Medium-sized Businesses have access to our profitable MCA deals in a secure and friendly environment.

For the first time, we are enabling SMBs the opportunity to participate in the MCA industry and expand their possibilities without the need to establish a Merchant Cash Advance company from scratch.


Easy Account Management

Our platform gives you full transparency and control over your account and deals. And with our web-based platform you can manage your account from any smart device.


Enjoy Weekly Payouts

All of our deals are short-term. Payouts are deposited directly to your Business Bank Account in a weekly basis.


Stay Secure 24/7

We use the latest security measures and protocols, including two-factor authentication, to protect your sensitive data while you’re earning profits.

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